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Celebrating Three Years of Excellence with Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award

Welsh shores, rich in marine biodiversity and brimming with unique tastes and treasures, have for years beckoned explorers to their enchanting expanse. At the heart of this allure is Coastal Foraging – an experience hosted by the ever-passionate and knowledgeable Craig Evans. Today, we're proud to announce that, for the third consecutive year, Coastal Foraging has been honoured with the prestigious Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award.

Nestled amidst the pristine Welsh coastline, our foraging expeditions immerse travellers in the rhythmic dance of the sea. Guided by Craig's life-long passion for marine life and its intricate ecosystems, participants are introduced to the bounties of the sea in a way that's not only sustainable but also deeply respectful of the environment.

But what truly sets our experiences apart is the depth of local knowledge and the stories that bring to life the vibrant history and culture of the Welsh shores. When you embark on a Coastal Foraging adventure, you aren't merely searching for food; you are reconnecting with nature, understanding ecosystems, and celebrating local traditions.

After an exciting day of discovery, participants get a unique opportunity to cook their foraged finds on the hand-made Solva Stove, also known as the Swedish Candle. This blend of exploration, learning, and gastronomy offers a holistic experience that's unparalleled in its authenticity and engagement.

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