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Inclusive & Accessible

Image provided by Visit Pembrokeshire

Something For Everybody!

We aim to be as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. Please contact me directly for any specific requirements. Beach wheelchairs can be made available free of charge.

Be prepared: On arrival, please ensure that you are dressed for prevailing weather conditions, Sun screen and robust footwear, refreshments. A strong bag to carry foraged items (if required), and also a bag for any litter you may have, or may find. Please remember that we will be at our location for some time. Public conveniences are not available at some locations. 

Craig is a qualified First Aider and Coastal Foraging is covered by £5 million Public Liability Insurance.

** A discount is available if you can prove you have travelled to the location via public transport or bicycle, or via the use of an electric car (not hybrid).

** Please bear in mind the actual location will be determined and communicated to you approximately a week before and will depend on weather and wind conditions.

Click below to fill in our enquiry for or call me directly on 07989 143868 to arrange your specific bespoke day out.

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